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Investor relations

The communication with institutional and private investors is open, transparent and consistent over time, covering the company strategy, competitive situation and financial results.​



​MOODY'S ​​ ​
Rating typeRatingOutlook
Baseline Credit Assessmentba1​ 
Adjusted Baseline Credit Assessmentbaa1​​ 
LT Bank DepositsBaa1​​​​​Stable
ST Bank DepositsP-2​​ 
Senior Unsecured DebtBaa2​ Stable​
​Senior Unsecured MTN​​​​(P)Baa2​
Subordinate MTN(P)Baa2​​ 
LT Counterparty Risk RatingBaa1​​ 
ST Counterparty Risk RatingP-2​​ 
LT Counterparty Risk AssessmentBaa1(cr)​​​ 
ST Counterparty Risk Assessment​P-2(cr) 


​​DBRS ​
Long-Term Issuer RatingA (high)
Long-Term Senior DebtBB (high)
Long-Term DepositsBBB (low)
Short-Term Issuer RatingR-1 (middle)​
Short-Term DebtR-3
Short-Term DepositsR-2 (middle)
Trend (all ratings)Stable

Last Modified: 6/7/2021