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About Creval

We are present in Italy in 11 regions with 355 branches, over 3,500 collaborators and are listed on the MTA of Borsa Italiana.
We dedicate ourselves every day to the development of deep relationships with our stakeholders and to the enhancement of the territories in which we operate for sustainable growth and profitability.

Mission and values

Between October 2019 and January 2020, the Corporate Identity, Communications, Marketing and Sustainability Area started a process aimed at revising the Corporate Mission and the Charter of Values. After a careful analysis of similar documents of national and international companies and banks, we have reformulated the two documents on the basis of our distinctive elements and the pillars of the new "Sustainable Growth" Business Plan presented on 18th June 2019.
The process involved defining and sharing content within specific Focus Groups that engaged colleagues from the first and second lines and other key roles and members of the Bank's Risk Committee. The Board of Directors subsequently assessed and approved the two documents.​​

The bank for households and small to medium-sized enterprises in our communities.
Proximity to our customers and fairness guide our actions for Sustainable Growth,


Behaviour oriented to a focus on, and respect for, all stakeholders in the communities.
Keeping the commitments made, acting with integrity, consistency, and transparency as well as confidentiality in protecting customers and the company’s reputation.

Professional skills
Technical expertise, relationship skills, collaboration, development paths aimed at continuous improvement.
Response to the needs of internal and external customers through relationships based on listening, mutual understanding, empathy and trust.

Sense of belonging
Identification with the mission and teamwork. The individual expresses their potential and their value to achieve common goals.

Ability to seize new technological challenges.
Constant commitment to support customers with simple and effective digital tools.

Combining economic, social and environmental aspects in all business contexts.
Openness and availability in human relations, responsible use of natural resources, creation of economic value over time.