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Credito Valtellinese

A medium-size banking group, based in Sondrio - Northern Italy. The nationwide group network covers 11 of the 20 Italy’s regions, through a network of 362 branches and more t​​han 3.600 employees. Listed in the Italian Stock Exchange, it counts 150.000 shareholders approximately. The banking activity is mainly committed to households, SMEs, artisans, professionals and non-profit​.

The Group
Credito Valtellinese banking Group is a cooperative group listed in the MTA (Mercato Telematico Azionario) of Borsa Italiana S.p.A. and counts more than 160.000 shareholders. The nationwide Group Network covers 11 regions with 412 branches shared between Credito Valtellinese, Credito Siciliano and Carifano, and more than 4.000 employees. 

Parent Company of the Group is Credito Valtellinese S.c., established in Sondrio in 1908, following the cultural tradition of popular Catholicism which – since its very beginning - pursued development plans strongly bounded both to the social and economic improvement as to the enhancement of territories marked with an historical sphere of influence. 

Consistent to its guiding principles, the banking activity is mainly committed to family units, SMEs, artisans, professionals and – as a vocation and tradition – to non-profit organizations: a constantly expanding intangible patrimony of over 900.000 relationships.​
About Creval

Creval Group laid the groundwork of its present structure in the early eighties, when Credito Valtellinese, a small local bank, outlined all necessary preconditions for the implementation of a business model – unprecedented, at that time – conceived as a “net-company”, by taking over Technoleasing (turned later in Bancaperta, point of financial competence of the Group up to 2011), the establishment of companies as Bankadati, the information technology centre, Stelline, for the real estate property management, and Deltas, to preside the business plan as a whole. 

Ever since, the history of the Group keeps pace with its growth, strengthening and gradual integration in areas marked by similar corporate culture. 

The significant turning point dates back to 1996, with Credito Artigiano, historic private Milan – based bank, joining the Group. Years later the development increases in Sicily with Banca Popolare Santa Venera in Acireale, Cassa San Giacomo in Caltagirone and Banca Regionale Sant'Angelo: in 2002 Credito Siciliano originates from the merger of these three banks. 

Then follows Banca dell'Artigianato e dell'Industria in Brescia and in 2008, celebrating year of Credito Valtellinese centenary, is the turn of Credito Piemontese and Carifano - Cassa di Risparmio di Fano, joined by two small banks from Latium, Banca Cattolica in Montefiascone and Credito del Lazio, formerly Banca della Ciociaria 

The “2011-2014 Business Plan” represents a significant turning point, heading toward a phase of structural consolidation and simplification of the Group, preconditions necessary for a new period of development, following a path oriented to creating value over the medium term. 

Thus, in 2011, the first organizational set-up of the company structure is attained with the merger of Bancaperta, Credito Piemontese and Banca dell'Artigianato e dell'Industria into the parent company, followed by incorporation of Banca Cattolica and Credito del Lazio into Credito Artigiano and the founding of the banking entity New Carifano. 

In 2012 the organization project of the Group company structure is accomplished with the merger of Credito Artigiano into Credito Valtellinese, so that its operative network now directly covers almost entirely the country regions overseen by the Group, with the exception of Sicily, where Credito Siciliano is established, and Marche and Umbria, regions where Carifano is operative.​
Our Values

Integrity and responsibility, competence and consistency, spirit of service, trust and merit, cooperative awareness, group identity, drift, innovation in sustainability are values continuously inspiring the Group activities, committed to foster social and economic ​developments in traditional areas of influence. 

Values strongly linked to a tradition of cooperative credit, uphold and reaffirmed during a path of development lasted decades, transforming a small local bank into a nationwide banking group.​
Creval Ch​arter of Values (in Italian)
Group Structure

Creval Group is conceived following a “net-company” business model, grounded both on the enhancement of territories marked with an historical sphere of influence and the individual competences of local Banks, on the specific qualification of other companies of the Group, on alliances and trade agreements signed with primary financial institutions. 

Local Banks, specializing firms and sister companies providing services and supply to the whole Group, in a perspective of synergies and economies of scale, accurately represent Credito Valtellinese Banking Group.​

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