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Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate culture, as its practice represents an investment for the present and the future and contributes to promoting corporate ethics. We aim to create sustainable value for all stakeholders and a distinctive way of being and banking in our actions and relationships. According to Creval's values, we are committed to respecting the mission, pursuing the principles of sustainable development, enhancing our talents, safeguarding the environment, and supporting our communities.​




We have decided to carry out a stakeholder engagement process again in 2020, aimed at reviewing the materiality matrix of the Consolidated Non-Financial Statement (CNFS). The main reason that led us to review the issues to include in the long list submitted for voting was the new socio-economic scenario linked to the Covid-19 health emergency, and Creval’s progressive and significant interest in sustainability in the form of the most important “topics” for the company and for its stakeholders. The selection of items, discussions with the main Data Owners to share the proposals entered into the long list and the consequent preparation of the questionnaire - sent to over 45,000 stakeholders - were handled by the Sustainability Team (Corporate Identity, Communications, Marketing & Sustainability Area). The selection of issues proposed for voting covered five areas of reporting as per Law Decree 254/2016 (environment, company, personnel, human rights and corruption) and also considered current issues identified as new challenges from European and international Authorities - with particular but not exclusive reference to ESG (environmental, social and governance) risks. The questionnaire, sent via personalised e-mail in November through a specifically selected online platform, permitted the selection of five issues considered to be a priority on a scale of value from 1 to 5. 


The results generated the new matrix whose outcome are interpreted as follows:

• the horizontal axis highlights the choices of the "Top 100" - colleagues selected on the basis of key roles in the core business - whose responses were recorded as the "voice of the company";

• the vertical axis instead shows the cumulative preferences of Creval employees, of the over 40,000 customers selected and a representative sample of over 100 suppliers, journalists, local associations, university professors and representatives of the local institutions.

The results - in comparison to the matrix of the prior year - indicate in particular how, net of the semantic rearrangement of several topics and the reporting of specific focus issues, the material aspect "health and safety" is added, especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The matrix was presented to the Risk Committee. In line with the Group Policy indicated in the Methodological note, the matrix was validated by the CEO.