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Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate culture, as its practice represents an investment for the present and the future and contributes to promoting corporate ethics. We aim to create sustainable value for all stakeholders and a distinctive way of being and banking in our actions and relationships. According to Creval's values, we are committed to respecting the mission, pursuing the principles of sustainable development, enhancing our talents, safeguarding the environment, and supporting our communities.​


In order to ensure maximum transparency in the definition and renewal of the commercial relationship, and to insert ethical and socio-environmental aspects among the selection/confirmation criteria in the pre-qualification phase and in the compilation of the questionnaires for new suppliers and for the renewal of the contract of those already in existence, we examine the presence of elements of sustainability such as human rights, the environment, and anti-corruption. In this regard, the presence of some sustainability management tools such as social and environmental certifications and self-certifications is decisive, in addition to any evidence of positive actions implemented on the topic. All sustainability requirements must be updated annually by each supplier.​