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Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate culture, as its practice represents an investment for the present and the future and contributes to promoting corporate ethics. We aim to create sustainable value for all stakeholders and a distinctive way of being and banking in our actions and relationships. According to Creval's values, we are committed to respecting the mission, pursuing the principles of sustainable development, enhancing our talents, safeguarding the environment, and supporting our communities.​

Creval’s Credit Policies Framework for 2020 considers specific criteria that distinguish the controversial sectors with potential negative social, environmental, and behavioural impacts from the virtuous ones. The latter sectors include industries engaged in the containment of environmental impacts and which favour the use of renewable energies.

Nuclear sector
After carefully assessing the importance and sensitivity of issues related to nuclear energy – its responsible management, the guarantee of protecting the environment and human health and safety, the seriousness of socio-environmental external factors, reputational and credit risk and compliance with relevant national and supra-national regulations – we have decided to adopt a policy specific to the nuclear power cycle, establishing specific segments that cannot receive financing (or be assessed on an individual basis for storage sites and the transport of radioactive nuclear waste) with particular reference to its controversial use in the development of weapons of mass destruction (e.g., bombs and missiles) extremely damaging to human rights.

Weapons Sector
Consistent with our commitment to sustainability and the protection of human and environmental rights, we have decided not to have commercial relationships with companies that manufacture, maintain, or trade controversial or unconventional weapons: nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons of mass destruction, fire bombs and lasers, cluster and fragmentation bombs, land mines and enriched and depleted uranium. At the same time, we recognize the importance of using weapons for defense purposes and in peace-keeping operations. In this regard, we accept requests for funding exclusively from governments, governmental organisations, state-owned companies and international bodies of countries that are members of the European Economic Area, the European Free Trade Association, the U.S. and Canada engaged in activities that fall within the above-mentioned areas. Loans for hunting and sporting weapons are currently permitted in the European Union.

Tobacco Industry
The fight against smoking, consistent with the aims of the Framework Convention for Tobacco Control of the World Health Organization (WHO), requires a greater commitment by multiple sectors to achieve a more affective and coordinated action. Creval, recognizing our role as an economic and social participant, commits to not undertaking commercial relationships – intended as financing and investing activities – with tobacco companies, both in compliance with the objective of protecting human rights – particularly those of younger generations – as well as to offset further health costs for the Italian state.

We recognize the importance of the fight against gambling in terms of containing “pathological gambling”, which can cause economic, health, and relationship damage to players and is a potential channel for laundering money deriving from illegal activities and usury. In addition to a compliance with current regulations and the enhancement of due diligence obligations towards certain individuals, we pay particular attention to this sector.​