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Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate culture, as its practice represents an investment for the present and the future and contributes to promoting corporate ethics. We aim to create sustainable value for all stakeholders and a distinctive way of being and banking in our actions and relationships. According to Creval's values, we are committed to respecting the mission, pursuing the principles of sustainable development, enhancing our talents, safeguarding the environment, and supporting our communities.​



Gender diversity is a key resource for development, sustainable growth and value creation.
For this reason, Creval adheres to the ABI Charter "DONNE IN BANCA”, with the commitment to:

- constantly promote a work environment that is inclusive and open to the values of diversity, including gender;
- strengthen selection and development methods suitable for promoting equal gender opportunities throughout the company organization;
- spreading the full and effective participation of women with particular reference to the highest positions, in a company environment oriented at all levels to equal role opportunities and equal treatment;
- undertake to promote gender equality also outside the bank and for the benefit of the reference communities;
- carry out appropriate initiatives to guide and enhance their corporate policies on gender equality.

In October 2020, the ABI Charter was signed by 21 institutes. We hope that participation will further extend to mean respect for the role of women in the working world and attention to gender equality by all institutions, with the hope of an expansion to other sectors of the financial industry as well.

List of participating banks (updated as at 30 September 2020)

CREVAL adheres to ValoreD

Starting from 2021 Creval is one of the member companies of Valore D​, the Italian network that involves over 200 companies and more than 2 million employees.
We believe in the enhancement of female leadership and in the exchange of ideas between similar realities aimed at developing good practices in terms of gender equality and inclusion - with positive repercussions within us.

Diversity & Inclusion represent key elements in today's corporate strategies that foster sustainable business development; in turn, the obligation to report - in the context of the Consolidated Non-financial Statement - also elements of a social and environmental nature as well as economic ones helps to strengthen their importance and spread an evolved culture of diversity at all levels.