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Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate culture, as its practice represents an investment for the present and the future and contributes to promoting corporate ethics. We aim to create sustainable value for all stakeholders and a distinctive way of being and banking in our actions and relationships. According to Creval's values, we are committed to respecting the mission, pursuing the principles of sustainable development, enhancing our talents, safeguarding the environment, and supporting our communities.​


The Foundation aims to promote and support "initiatives aimed at cultural, moral, scientific, social and socio-economic progress mainly in the territory and for the Community where the banks in the Credito Valtellinese Group operate".

The Foundation operates in three areas:
1. Social solidarity: support for projects and initiatives; promotion of fundraising
2. Orientation and training: development of training, study and research projects
3. Art and culture: organisation of exhibitions at the Group's art galleries (Milan, Sondrio, Acireale, Fano) and art consulting activities.
More information​ (italian website)​