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creval in short

Creval is a medium-sized banking institution with over 3,500 employees, present in 11 Italian regions through a distribution network made up of 355 branches of which 56% located in the North (in particular in Lombardy with 158 branches), 18% in the Central and 26% in Sicily with 92 branches.​


Established as a cooperative company in Sondrio, throughout its history, the bank has pursued a development model closely linked to socio-economic progress and the enhancement of the historical roots, gradually integrating other local realities characterized by the same corporate culture. From October 2016, it took on the new legal form of joint-stock company following the approval of the Shareholders' Meeting in accordance with the popular bank reform law passed by the Government in 2015.

In 2018, the Group began a restructuring process, which saw the finalizing of a 700 million euro capital increase together with an important derisking process; during the same year, governance was completely renewed with the installation of a new BoD.

In June 2019 the new BoD, led by the CEO Luigi Lovaglio in February of the same year, approved the 2019-2023 "Sustainable Growth" business plan which has as its main objective the achievement of sustainable growth and profitability in the medium to long term period. With this Plan, Creval intends to strengthen its role as a reference solid bank in the territory where it is present, with a low risk profile and focused on the relationship with families and small-medium enterprises, to support the growth of the geographic areas served.   

Today Creval is characterized by a high level of solidity with capital ratios well above the regulatory minimums required and which place it at the top of the Italian banking system.

From 30 April 2021, following the voluntary tender offer promoted by Crédit Agricole Italia S.p.A. on the ordinary shares of Creval S.p.A., Creval becomes part of the Crédit Agricole Italia Banking Group.

Commercial banking

Creval directs its business mainly towards families, small and medium-sized enterprises, artisans, professionals and non-profit institutions, supporting the socio-economic development of the settlement areas. The commercial offer is characterized by a wide range of products and services able to cover the overall needs of financing and investment expressed by customers, also making use of partnerships and commercial agreements with specialized companies.

To guarantee its customers high service standards, the bank has always made use of innovative technological solutions, which, through the “Bancaperta” brand, assure an integrated, multi-channel between traditional (branch) and virtual (internet banking, App for smartphones and tablets, Bancaperta branches).