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Investor relations

The communication with institutional and private investors is open, transparent and consistent over time, covering the company strategy, competitive situation and financial results.​


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Credito Valtellinese: 2018 ​share capital increase

Prospetto informativo (only Italian version available):
Investor​ Presentation - February 2018​

Press releases​​

21.03.2018​ - Notice of change in share capital​
20.03.2018​ - Share Capital Increase fully subscribed - No subscription by the first allocation sub-underwriters and the guarantee syndicate
15.03.2018​ - Early termination of the offer to the market of the Rights - Rights shall be exercised by 20 March 2018​
08.03.2018 - Share Capital Increase - Subscriptions for Euro 581,605,320 at the end of the Offering Period​
19.02.2018​ - Publication of the prospectus. KID concerning the rights made available​​
17.02.2018 - ​Consob approves the prospectus relating to the Share Capital Increase. Starting of the offer on 19 February 2018​
15.02.2018 - Signing of the underwriting agreement relating to the share capital increase​
14.02.2018 - The Board of Directors sets the final conditions for the share capital increase and the timetable of the offer​
06.02.2018 - Finalized the underwriting syndicate of the share capital increase​​
02.02.2018 - Enlargement of the underwriting syndicate of the share capital increase​
31.01.2018 - Other main internatio​nal banks join of the underwriting syndicate of the share capital increase
08.01.2018 -​ Reverse stock split of Creval ordinary shares: determined value of the fractions of new shares​
08.01.2018 - Reverse stock split of creval ordinary shares: composition of share capital and filing of updated bylaws​​
04.01.2018 - Reverse Stock Split starting from 8 January 2018
21​.12.2017 - Reverse Stock Split starting from 8 January 2018
20.12.2017 - The Board of Directors exercises the Delegation for the Share Capital Increase
19.12.2017 - The Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting approves the Share Capital Increase and the Reverse Stock Split
29.11.2017 - Citigroup Global Markets Limited becomes part of the underwriting syndicate of the share capital increase
07.11.2017 - Reverse stock split of Creval shares on a ratio of one new share for every ten existing shares
07.11.2017 - The Board of Directors approves the 2018-2020 Business Plan “RUN2 : Restart Under New-Normality”​