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Investor relations

The communication with institutional and private investors is open, transparent and consistent over time, covering the company strategy, competitive situation and financial results.​



​MOODY'S ​​ ​
Rating typeRatingOutlook
Baseline Credit Assessmentb1 
Adjusted Baseline Credit Assessmentb1 
LT Bank DepositsBa3Negative
ST Bank DepositsNP 
Senior Unsecured MTN(P)B2 
Subordinate MTN(P)B2 
LT Counterparty Risk RatingBa2 
ST Counterparty Risk RatingNP 
LT Counterparty Risk AssessmentBa1(cr) 
ST Counterparty Risk AssessmentNP(cr) 
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​​DBRS ​
Long-Term Issuer RatingBB (high)
Long-Term Senior DebtBB (high)
Long-Term DepositsBBB (low)
Short-Term Issuer RatingR-3
Short-Term DebtR-3
Short-Term DepositsR-2 (middle)
Trend (all ratings)Stable
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Last Modified: 4/2/2020