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About Creval

We are present in Italy in 11 regions with 355 branches, over 3,500 collaborators and we are part of the Crédit Agricole Italia Banking Group.​ We strive every day to achieve sustainable growth and profitability through the development of solid relationships with our stakeholders and the development of the territories in which we operate.​​​

Covid-19: Management of moratorium requests and financing

The analysis of the process and the development of IT platforms were the decisive factors to better address and manage the granting of loans affected by the decrees issued during the Covid-19 emergency.

The application of Process Automation (RPA) techniques and tools was significant and represented an added value in work activities characterized by repetitive processes and with the greatest use of resources. The robots (or BOTs) that interact with computer applications can manage huge amounts of data and replace the operator in carrying out some functions. The advantages of the use of the RPA result in a better and efficient use of human resources, in reduced execution times, in the cancellation of margins of error (for example for data entry operations) and in the reduction of business costs.

Within the credit area, automated solutions have been adopted for the management of loans guaranteed by the the “MCC (Mediocredito Centrale) Fondo di garanzia” (Guarantee Fund) and for mortgage suspension requests made by thousands of customers, in addition to the traditional IT tools with the preparation of routines or schedules that carry out "manual" activities.

100% MCC guaranteed loans

The “Decreto Legge Liquidità” issued by the Government during the emergency due to Covid-19 has allowed the introduction of a new type of loans 100% guaranteed by the “MCC (Mediocredito Centrale) Fondo di garanzia” (Guarantee Fund).

The substantial number of required granting of loans (up to peaks of 600 per day), has accelerated the implementation of an automated process based on multiple daily extractions of stipulated contracts and subsequent massive granting of loans. Now, only a minimal part of manual work is carried out by the operator (the insertion of some essential data and the verification of consistency and correctness of the documentation), all the rest is managed through automated processes with robots.

Suspensions due to Covid-19

The uncounted requests for mortgage suspension received from customers - starting from the second decade of March in full Covid-19 emergency - prompted us to quickly implement the automation of the operating procedures involved in the release of these practices to allowing the Bank a considerable savings in terms of time and resources used, guaranteeing Customers rapid and effective answers.