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About Creval

We are present in Italy in 11 regions with 355 branches, over 3,500 collaborators and we are part of the Crédit Agricole Italia Banking Group.​ We strive every day to achieve sustainable growth and profitability through the development of solid relationships with our stakeholders and the development of the territories in which we operate.​​​

Fast Lending

Fast Lending is a semi-automated process of granting loans within the area of the so-called Consumer Credit. It is based on the use of the internal commercial platform called ABC which allows the granting of loans to consumers in just 20 minutes.

The Customer receives the commercial proposal via email, push notifications and Bancaperta. The product can be activated by showing up at the branch or by asking to be contacted by your reference manager via the dedicated Bancaperta banner.

The operation as a whole can be managed from home, via telephone and remote signature.

During the initial interview phase, the Client's needs are collected, then the procedure automatically displays different combinations of amount/duration in order to identify the desired and sustainable monthly payment.

The next phase generates the pre-contractual documentation (simulation secci, loan application, privacy model, gianos) and contractual, which can be signed in paper form, graphometric or from home through document exchange. This last possibility allows - the Customer who accesses from Bancaperta - to affix the digital signature by viewing an open conversation.

Once the signatures have been collected, the credit line resolution is ready. A few clicks by the Branch Operator will be enough to make the requested sum available on the Client's current account.