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About Creval

We are present in Italy in 11 regions with 355 branches, over 3,500 collaborators and we are part of the Crédit Agricole Italia Banking Group.​ We strive every day to achieve sustainable growth and profitability through the development of solid relationships with our stakeholders and the development of the territories in which we operate.​​​


"Alfredo" is the integrated augmented intelligence solution (Machine-Human), based on cognitive and Machine Learning technologies that allowed us to completely innovate the help desk service model, previously based on telephone contact.

The use of "Alfredo" has improved the perception of colleagues regarding operational efficiency and quality of service. Usable via chat, «Alfredo» interacts with colleagues in a simple and fast way, supporting volumes of requests much higher than the old management.

The ChatBot interprets the requests for assistance of network colleagues placed in common banking language. Thanks to the components of Natural Language Processing and Dialog Management, "Alfredo" autonomously finalizes requests for assistance, vice versa in the case of complex questions forwards the chat to a colleague who, starting from the last step, continues the conversation with the user in transparent way, always guaranteeing the correct finalization of the request.

If the request for assistance is deemed relevant to an ongoing anomaly, "Alfredo" makes it explicit directly as the first response to the user. If the latter confirms, the ChatBot automatically inserts the conversation in the list, making it contact as soon as the anomaly is resolved.

At the end of each chat, "Alfredo" asks the interlocutor to evaluate the quality of the service by sending feedback that detects the level of satisfaction of the user for each request.

With a view to constant and continuous improvement, all chat data is tracked and recorded in a database analyzed by a team of experts.

"Alfredo" is part of a larger project that pursues the following objectives:

- develop an integrated cognitive system (Machine-Human) capable of interpreting natural language and, for subsequent iterations with the user, provide textual feedback (such as FAQs/links to documents/legislation) or activate applications;

- to innovate the user assistance service model (help desk);

- improve the banking help desk activities, in every area of knowledge, by:
  - automatic management of simpler assistance requests;
  - hiring of personnel for the management of complex requests - integrated management of second level assistance (colleagues specialists);
  - reporting of each step, documented by the related conversations, in a single management database (used by Machine Learning).


With "Alfredo" we won the ABI prize for innovation 2018.