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About Creval

We are present in Italy in 11 regions with 355 branches, over 3,500 collaborators and we are part of the Crédit Agricole Italia Banking Group.​ We strive every day to achieve sustainable growth and profitability through the development of solid relationships with our stakeholders and the development of the territories in which we operate.​​​




"WHEN IT'S TRUE DIGITAL": video about Vittoria’s internship during the Covid-19 emergency period. Video recorded in June 2020.

​​​«​PATH OF GROWTH AND LOOK TO THE FUTURE​​»: Maria Beatrice did an internship in sustainability at a distance and tells how what she learned. Video recorded in June 2021.​



Some cases that represent different study and internship paths in a short video story:

 Ylenia Esther Yashar - Internship in sustainability, now in sustainability



Eleonora Rossi, internship in the Compliance Area, now in the Banking Services Regulations Service, Compliance Area