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Human capital is our most important asset, thanks to which we guarantee customer attention and the quality of services. Ensuring a stimulating and inclusive work environment is the goal that we pursue TOGETHER every day.


​In a moment of important revival such as the one that Creval is experiencing, the Remuneration Policy represents one of the fundamental pillars to guide the Group towards the achievement of the challenging objectives of the 2019-2023 Business Plan “Sustainable Growth”.
In fact, it is necessary that the remuneration policy is competitive, transparent and effective in attracting, motivating and retaining resources which - for their technical and managerial skills and for their different profiles of origin, gender and experience - represent a factor key to the Group's success and the realization of its Business Plan.

The key points of Creval's 2020 remuneration policy are as follows:
- enhancement of human capital, with particular attention to talents and resources considered strategic, through greater involvement of staff in all the initiatives envisaged in the Business Plan, in order to incentivize, selectively reward, attract and maintain highly professional resources in the company and ability and reinforcing a culture linked to performance and merit;
- clear and transparent governance, through effective organizational and corporate governance structures, as well as clear and rigorous governance rules;
- sustainable remuneration for sustainable performance, through close coherence between remuneration and performance (the so-called pay for performance) and between remuneration and value creation, aiming for a balanced relationship of fixed and variable components and providing balanced and sustainable pay-mix levels also in terms of careful monitoring of personnel costs;
- compliance with regulatory requirements and principles of good professional conduct, as well as with the Code of Ethics and internal regulations, through a remuneration policy structured according to legislation and designed to prevent and manage potential conflicts of interest between roles within the Group and towards clients;
- continuous alignment of best market practices, in order to ensure a more competitive, fair and adequate remuneration.
People are placed at the center of the corporate strategy and represent the main lever for achieving solid commercial performance, with a view to creating sustainable value for all stakeholders.

Therefore, in line with regulatory provisions and best market practices, the structure of Creval's remuneration, divided into a fixed component and a variable component and is defined in order to ensure an appropriate balance between the two elements, in relation the characteristics of the Group and of the different categories of human resources.

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