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Il capitale umano è il nostro patrimonio più importante, grazie al quale garantiamo l’attenzione al cliente e la qualità dei servizi. Assicurare un ambiente di lavoro stimolante ed inclusivo è l’obiettivo che perseguiamo ogni giorno INSIEME.

The complexity of the training offer and the constant evolution of the world of work have emphasized the function of orientation as necessary for the person to identify their study or work path based on their interests, attitudes and potential.

2020 Digital Edition “Prendo il diploma….e poi?”


Four hundreds students, attending the fourth year of highschools in the province of Sondrio, participated.
The seminars of this edition, organized by Fondazione Gruppo Credito Valtellinese, in collaboration with the Ufficio Territoriale of Sondrio and the CROSS (Centro di Ricerche sull'Orientamento e lo Sviluppo Socio-professionale) of Università Cattolica of Milano, during the lockdown for the Covid 19 emergency, were streamed allowing students and teachers to follow the speeches safely, from their homes, in compliance with the rules.
A group of psychologists interacted with the students via chat to analyze the results of a previously completed questionnaire aimed at addressing the issues related to post-diploma assessment, the cognitive and emotional implications related to it, examining judgments or prejudices that influence decisions so as to make them independent and confident of the academic or professional choice for their future.
The communication method was appreciated by the children because it was familiar, immediate and close to their way of expressing themselves and contacting them daily on social networks. The teachers, in turn, stressed that the project was effective both for the contents and for the communication methods.
The excellent result of the initiative is largely due to the the Ufficio Territoriale of Sondrio which was an active part in the realization of the project.

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