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Human capital is our most important asset, thanks to which we guarantee customer attention and the quality of services. Ensuring a stimulating and inclusive work environment is the goal that we pursue TOGETHER every day.



We support the world of young students and professionals by making available the experience of its employees by offering the opportunity, among others, to develop communication and sustainability projects. Come and discover our projects.


Premio AGOL Giovani Comunicatori​

First national contest intended to create a network between university students, young professionals and companies

2019 Edition


Danila Giancipoli was awarded the EUR 1,000 scholarship sponsored by Creval in the “Social Media Strategy” category for the in-depth analysis and structuring of a complete and effective strategy relating to the bank’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

2020 Edition - in progress





19th, 20th and 21th Edition in 2019-2020


In 2019 we became partners with Palestre Digitali, the training course promoted by Young Women Network and Accenture with the aim of increasing the probability of finding work for graduates or university students in their last year, with a particular focus on humanities.

The course - active since 2012 - explains the use of technical and practical tools in the digital world through classroom lessons. During three annual four-week sessions, each with a different module, 600 people took part, about 80% of whom found work in the digital marketing sector within the six months after the course. Our collaboration with Palestre Digitali involves three areas:
• assignment of project work on the theme “Interactive art and digital humanism”, aimed at developing the theme of technological innovation linked to the bank’s cultural heritage;
• instruction on the theme of “Corporate Communication”, with the presentation of an innovation business case at the TIM Space in Milan;
• offering the use of two of the bank’s spaces - the auditorium at the Via Feltre offices and the Credito Valtellinese Gallery in Corso Magenta.

The project allowed us to highlight our solidarity with young people and interest in the use and continuous development of the digital channel. Thanks to the partnership with Young Women Network, particular importance was given to female graduates at the delicate moment of entry into working world, as evidence of our commitment to gender equality.





Since 2019 we have begun a collaboration with Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan in the field of communication and sustainability to involve young people on these issues. Here some interesting witnesses! We keep you updated on the next steps, which you can always find in this section.

"We are the bank for Millenials" project
We asked the students who attended "Economia e Gestione della Comunicazione Pubblicitaria" with Professor Stefania Vitulli, through a stimulating ad hoc brief and a lesson on the communication activities of our bank, to propose a communication strategy aimed at a greater “diffusion” of the bank in the target 18-35 years both directly and through influencers, with particular attention to digital channels.

Photo of the 2019 edition: the presentation of the projects of the students to the examining commission was held on 12th April in the Auditorium of the headquarters in via Feltre in Milan.

Video of the 2020 online edition: we interviewed Cecilia and Marta as representatives of the group that obtained the highest score at the discretion of the examining commission composed of some colleagues from the Corporate Identity, Communications, Marketing & Sustainability Area during the presentation on 15th May.​

Summer courses for international students

“Creval: a new bank!” Project

On 5th July we welcomed the students of “Brand Strategy Experience” at our offices as part of the university’s international courses: in collaboration with the agency Publicis Media, we requested that they design a communication strategy to convey the new company - after the share capital increase and the change in management - as a solid, healthy bank and custodian of the trust of its customers and shareholders. Students from foreign countries (U.S., Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Colombia, France) had the opportunity to visit Creval’s main offices in Milan and to get acquainted with the new Piazza San Fedele branch model and the exhibition spaces of the Credito Valtellinese Gallery in Corso Magenta.


International Postgraduate Master in Corporate Communication

"Can a calendar engage our stakeholders? Yes!" Project
On 3rd October 2019 we took part in the Master, asking students to develop a plan communicating the bank's strengths from the point of view of Millennials, also to grasp expectations, observations and suggestions for improvement. The discussion regarding the classic annual paper calendar represented an additional challenging element: the class involved was asked to study an innovative approach in terms of content and form to relaunch this communication and stakeholder engagement tool.


“The sustainable bank” Project

On 12th May and 1st June 2020 we virtually met the “Business Communication” students on their university platform to talk about some successful international communication campaigns that use both digital tools and social networks with sustainability as a common denominator. They then discovered our company better and the activities for the environment and for the social sector that we carry out. At the end of the meeting, we entrusted them with a very ambitious brief to bring our company closer to young people by communicating our commitment to sustainability in an interesting way. Are you curious to hear the point of view of young people on banks? In the video Federica, Carlotta Maria, Claudia, Francesca and Diego tell us their impressions!



2019 Edition

Two colleagues from the Human Resources Area participated in the front line to present our company to the students of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan on 8th October, 2019 during the Career Day, an occasion in which young university students come into contact with the most important companies in the area.






"WHEN IT'S TRUE DIGITAL": video about Vittoria’s internship during the Covid-19 emergency period. Video recorded in June 2020.