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Human capital is our most important asset, thanks to which we guarantee customer attention and the quality of services. Ensuring a stimulating and inclusive work environment is the goal that we pursue TOGETHER every day.

Human Capital

Some data that tell about us more closely.

Our human capital is made up of 60.9% of men and 39.1% of women.

The levels of education indicate the presence of 46.7% of colleagues in possession of a degree, master or PhD.

Of the total part-time workers, 6.8% is requested by colleagues and 93.2% by colleagues.

The total number of training hours amounts to 166,534 for all employees, equal to an average of 6 days dedicated to training.

We implement a series of initiatives to protect the health and well-being of employees and their families, contributing in particular to defining the purposes of implementing welfare measures for its collaborators.

The main interventions concern:
- complementary pension
- supplementary healthcare
- insurance coverage in the event of death and permanent disability
- scholarships for employees' children
- purchase of goods and services through the welfare portal (“premio welfare 2019")
- facilities for banking services and products